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Recently I was asked a great question, “Can chiropractic help children with sensory processing disorder?”

My answer was, “Yes, chiropractic can help children with a sensory processing disorder.”

However, chiropractic should not be viewed as a treatment for that condition or any condition for that matter.


Well, quite simply, chiropractic is the science and healing art of addressing neurological stress created by structural shifts in our spinal alignment. These structural shifts are known as vertebral subluxation.

The main function of our spine is to house and protect the delicate nervous system. The function of the nervous system is to successfully adapt and respond to our external and internal environments.

In layman’s terms, its job is to keep us alive and also thriving.

Structure Affects Function

Every scientist, architect, and mechanic understands that structure always affects function. That means that if you alter the structure of a bridge, house, car, plane, or even a body, you will necessarily affect the function of that system.

Here’s an example: What do you think would happen if you placed 300 lbs of boxes, luggage, etc on the top of your car?

Obviously, it would impact the function, and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Now imagine placing stress directly on the nervous system as messages travel over the spinal cord to your body and from your body to your brain.

Do you now see how that would necessarily affect the function?

This result is based on the cause-and-effect nature of the world we live in. If you had a flat tire, you would correct that wouldn’t you? Of course.

The only reason we are not looking to chiropractic first as a potential solution is that we are not recognizing what chiropractic truly is or what it is for.

As I said earlier, chiropractic is not a treatment for sensory processing disorder.

It is not a treatment for ear infections, epilepsy, autism, or any of the other countless conditions people come to me with either.

However, when we restore the optimal structural balance and neurological function, it follows that these conditions will naturally improve.

Now I am not saying that chiropractic will cure or even remove all of these issues from people’s lives. It may, or may not.

What I am saying is that whatever you do, don’t you think it would be a good idea to check the system responsible for helping us be as healthy as possible to make sure it is not compromised by an imbalance in the structure?

Seems simple enough to me.

This is the reason chiropractic exists and the reason it has helped countless people no matter what label they have been given or what limits have been placed on their future potential.

For more information regarding the science and specifics of how chiropractic helps children with Sensory Processing Disorders, I invite you to watch this video presentation on Autism and the Brain-Body Connection.

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Dr. Steve Tullius is a San Diego pediatric and family chiropractor. He is actively involved in chiropractic education and research, and is particularly focused on helping children with severe neurological conditions such as autism, other pervasive developmental disorders, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and epilepsy.

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