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Ear Infections and Chiropractic

What’s the Connection?

People have known for decades that chiropractic helps children and adults with both chronic and acute ear infections. But why?

Most people have the perception that chiropractic is about neck and back pain. While those issues do indeed improve with chiropractic care, the basis of chiropractic is rooted in the connection between proper nervous system function and optimal health and function.

Your nervous system and the nervous system of your children controls and orchestrates every muscle, organ, tissue and cell. Vertebral subluxation, a misalignment of a vertebra causing interference to nervous system function, is a common occurrence caused by physical, chemical and emotional stressors. When subluxation occurs, the nervous system function is affected causing a wide array of possible dysfunctions.

In the case of ear infections, often times vertebral subluxation is present in the upper neck. In infants and toddlers these subluxations often occur as a result of the birth process or the many head injuries that occur in the early years.

Vertebral Subluxation = Nerve Dysfunction

Vertebral subluxation causes interference to normal nerve function. In the upper neck, these delicate nerves supply the muscles that open and close the eustachian tube. When subluxation is present, altered function of these muscles can cause the tubes to not drain properly. Just like a stagnant pool of water that draws mosquitos, fluid trapped in the middle ear is ripe for bacteria and viruses to flourish.

Once the subluxation is corrected with gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments, normal function can return and the body is able to heal naturally.

Social Proof

We’ve helped many families with children suffering with ear infections. One of my most memorable families is one that I met through social media. No matter how you found us, we can help. Call (619) 363-5073 to schedule an appointment or to talk to the doctor.

When Michael was two, he started getting these horrible ear infections, the kind that usually happened after doctor hours and was goopy with intense pain. Every time he went swimming he would have severe pain and infections soon after. The doctor had discovered a hole in the eardrum caused by the countless ear infections he had by the time he was five.

Michael was referred to a hearing doctor and an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor. The ENT performed surgery to repair the hole in his ear but explained that he would also need tubes. By the time he was 5 1/2, Michael had undergone two ear surgeries in hopes to end the battle with infections. A few months later and we were having issues with ear infections again. This time the ENT wanted to reinsert tubes into both ears and remove his adenoids stating this would fix the problem.

I was beside myself thinking of putting my son through all this again. That night I was going through my Facebook and noticed this seminar on chronic ear infections. After connecting with Dr. Tullius and exploring the chiropractic approach, I felt confident. The ENT made me feel like a horrible mother cancelling the surgery and changing my approach to chiropractic but I did it anyway. After a few months of care and a summer with lots of swimming, the ear infections were gone. Michael is now 10 and ear infection free.

Karen Bechtold

Arroyo Grande, CA


Dr. Steve Tullius is a San Diego pediatric and family chiropractor. He is actively involved in chiropractic education and research, and is particularly focused on helping children with severe neurological conditions such as autism, other pervasive developmental disorders, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and epilepsy.

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