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Hello and welcome to my office website.

I’d like to tell you a story. But before I do, let me show you a picture.

Nervous System Scan

The image above is of the before and after nervous system scans of a 3 year old child diagnosed with autism.

While the image may not mean a whole lot to you, his story will.

You see, when Jake first came to our office he had extreme difficulty communicating, balance and coordination issues, extremely poor eye contact and very little show of emotion and connection to others.

Following a course of care in our office, Jake began to be much more aware of his surroundings, his eye contact, behavior and interaction improveddramatically, his overall demeanor became much more calm and joyful,and his vocabulary skyrocketed.

While this may all sound strange from your current understanding of what chiropractic is, I encourage you to explore this page and watch the videos below to learn as much as you can about how this extremely safe, gentle form of care can achieve similar improvements in the quality of life of your child.

I look forward to meeting your family and gladly make myself available via phone calls if you would like to discuss your child and how chiropractic can improve their quality of life as well.


Dr. Steve Tullius