CrossFit & Chiropractic: The Perfect Team

CrossFit & Chiropractic: The Perfect Team


If I had never played sports or competed in powerlifting competitions, I probably would have never become a chiropractor.

Years of injuries and heavy lifting took a toll on my body. So much so that by my early twenties I was often in excruciating pain. Chiropractic was the only thing that not only kept me going, but also allowed me to achieve peak performance.


Common Goals


Fast forward 10 years (it happens fast!) and I get introduced to CrossFit by one of my practice members. The basic theory and philosophy of CrossFit fit perfectly with chiropractic. The culture even more so.

In all my years of taking care of CrossFit athletes, I’ve noticed these three things:

  1. They are driven individuals and place huge physical and personal demands upon themselves.
  2. They routinely have vertebral subluxation.
  3. They desire optimum health, well-being and function and place a high value on achieving their peak performance.

Numbers 1 and 3 are great qualities. They are qualities of the type of people I like to be around and who typically enjoy being around me because we have a lot in common. However, number 2 often becomes a roadblock to number 3 and most people have no idea why they are struggling with various injuries, health concerns or barriers to reaching their peak performance goals.


What is Vertebral Subluxation?


Vertebral Subluxation is a common condition occurring in the spine when a vertebra misaligns and places stress upon the delicate nervous system. Some times it is accompanied by pain, tingling, numbness or other sensations, but more often than not, it causes dysfunction and faulty communication patterns from the brain to the body and vice versa. This can result in numerous conditions and impairments but what everyone should understand is this:

ANY amount of nervous system interference or dysfunction is going to result in suboptimal health and function.



Is vertebral subluxation robbing you of your potential without even knowing it?


Why guess?


Our office does not guess about your health. We use a technology known as the Subluxation Station to take segmental EMG and thermographic readings which give us a window into the health and function of the nervous system. Find out today if you have vertebral subluxation and if chiropractic can help you reach your peak performance and potential.


Crossfitter Feedback

[quote]My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Tullius for a little over a year now and are adjusted weekly.  Dr. Tullius keeps our nervous systems intact, and our bodies injury free.

We are both Crossfitters and put our bodies through a lot in our workouts.  When we first started seeing him, I had a shoulder injury which had progressed to the point of being almost frozen with limited range of motion.  With some work we broke through some scar tissue and it has not hurt since!  My husband has had back pain his entire life and with the regular visits Dr. Tullius manages to keep him aligned and pain free.

We have NEVER had an issue getting an appt or changing one…they will ALWAYS get you in![/quote] -Brooke L.


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