Improvement in Suicidal Thoughts, Anxiety and Depression through Chiropractic

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When I tell people about the improvements we see for individuals with anxiety, depression and other debilitating mental and emotional health challenges they are quite surprised as most people incorrectly associate chiropractic solely with musculoskeletal disorders such as neck and low back pain, headaches and other similar issues related to the spine.

What most people don’t yet know is that chiropractic is only concerned with the spine because it houses and protects the vital and delicate nervous system.



Our nervous system is our master system

We rarely think about our nervous systems yet this incredible system is responsible for our entire experience of the world, how we see and perceive it and the way we interact with it.

It performs countless processes for us every second of the day, constantly working to produce optimal health, function and survival as well as feelings of safety, security and well-being.

Yet how often do we have the health and function of that system assessed?

How often are we checking to see if there may be a problem with it?

What if the nervous system was so stressed that it was causing our bodies to be in a state of constant anxiety, stress, sickness and disease?

This is a very simple yet profound concept that has been overlooked for centuries.

Fortunately for Whitney, her mother discovered chiropractic through a presentation I was giving on neurodevelopmental disorders.

Her mother was desperate.

Whitney was severely depressed, suicidal and nothing they tried over the past decade was working.

After begging her daughter to come to an initial evaluation, Whitney reluctantly came in.

After all, what could chiropractic possibly offer her that nothing else had yet?

What happened next changed Whitney’s life forever.

When there is a shift in normal spinal structure impacting the delicate nervous system, it is known as vertebral subluxation.

Her test results clearly showed that her nervous system was in an extreme state of distress and dysfunction and that the likely source was a misalignment of her upper neck known as a vertebral subluxation.

Upon examining her spine I did indeed find a severe subluxation in her neck.

Spinal Cord

I assessed the position of the vertebra, determined the best method to correct the position and restore balance to her nervous system, and then adjusted her neck.

That moment is one I’m sure she nor I will ever forget.

It was the moment that Whitney’s health and life were restored by removing a major source of interference to her nervous system function.

Her entire life experience had been distorted. Not only was vertebral subluxation distorting the way she was feeling, but it was literally distorting the way she was seeing and experiencing the world.

What we all need to know… and share.

Whitney gave me permission to share her story because of how dramatically it impacted her life and because she believes everyone deserves to know what chiropractic is and how it can potentially help so many.

For Whitney, chiropractic saved and restored her life.

While you are probably thinking of friends or family members who may be suffering with emotional and mental challenges, keep in mind that the nervous system is involved in every function and process of the body. If the nervous system is not functioning properly, it will necessarily lead to decreased health, function and quality of life.

The information everyone needs to know is simple. It’s contained in these five simple facts.


Brain Changes

Growing research is not only showing how general stress negatively affects the brain, but also specifically how altered spinal alignment and range of motion negatively affects the brain.

In a 2016 paper found in the journal, Neural Plasticity, it was found using fMRI that adjusting vertebral subluxations altered somatosensory processing particularly in the prefrontal cortex.

Other researchers also using fMRI are finding that vertebral subluxation in the upper neck “can affect or cause neural compromise, and/or some may contribute to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow obstruction as well as arteriovenous compromise.” Of particular importance to note is that correcting the misalignment shows improved venous and cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Improvement in Suicidal Thoughts, Anxiety and Depression through Chiropractic

Many others are out there just waiting for someone to share this with them so they can have the opportunity to find out if nervous system interference is drastically impacting their life and function.

Please consider sharing this on social media and through other channels. You never know how far reaching such a simple act can be.

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