Relaxation And Better Sleep After An Adjustment


There’s been a very common theme here in the office recently, where patients are sharing with this, that after their adjustments they feel more relaxed and they have a lot better sleep at night.

It’s been very common and it’s actually one in particular that actually resonates with me a little bit more.

This woman, she’s been coming to the office for a little over, almost about a year now. Then she works a lot.

She actually recently took up a second job. She’s actually getting a third job too.

And she always says she looks forward to coming in for her visits because she knows she’s going to sleep so much better that night.

It’s really great. When we’re in this high-stress response, we’re in this fight or flight stress and our body’s always working.

We’re always stressed out our body’s just going nonstop trying to protect itself.

After we received that adjustment, it actually takes you out of that fighter or flight stress physiology, and brings us into a resting healing, digesting repair physiology.

It’s really awesome to see that this has been happening for so many people here in the office.

Everyone’s doing well and hope we have a fantastic rest of your day.