Workplace Wellness Programs

San Diego Workplace Wellness Programs


Workplace wellness is more than a buzz word. For San Diego businesses, it is becoming a very popular and profitable trend.


What was once a nice perk to have for your employees is now consider essential by industry leaders to help decrease healthcare costs, cut workers’ compensation claims, decrease absenteeism and increase retention and presenteeism.


Studies have shown that for every $1 that a business spends on a workplace wellness program, they save between $3-5. That’s a huge return on investment that can make or break some businesses.


Dr. Tullius has undergone extensive training in helping organizations institute a workplace wellness program and offers several options to fit the individual needs of each organization. From on site evaluations and care to a series of wellness education topics, Dr. Tullius has the tools to help your employees make meaningful changes in their health which translates into cost savings for businesses.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tullius to discuss implementing a Workplace Wellness Program in your business, call (619) 281-1234 or email us at




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